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A little about me...

Welcome to my page! If you've made it this far I sincerely thank you for your interest in my craft and my way of telling others' stories of love and emotion through authentic photographs. 

I'm traditionally a nurse by trade but throughout my adult life always carried a camera in my hand. My first point-and-shoot led to my first DSLR, which is has led me to a professional career. My camera has become an extension of my eyes and I'm constantly in search of gorgeous light and natural backdrops. Moving to Savannah from Florida has been a dream- surrounded by historic architecture, quaint downtown squares, and dripping moss that captures light so well. 

I hope my art insprires you to trust in my vision and allow me to share your unique story with a friendly smile and genuine love for people and nature.

Photo of me credited to the lovely and talented Sarah Resta Photography

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